Proven Strategies To Maximize Your Revenue While Working Less! Led by Thrive Co - Founder, Bari Schanerman One of the most frequent complaints entrepreneurs (and business people in general) express is a lack of time, or its variation - Now is not the right time! To alleviate this pain, people try time management, time blocking, and related methods. But we have found most traditional ways don’t lead you to the results you are looking for.

That’s where Thrive comes into play.  Bari Schanerman, a Business Resource Coach and John Zentgraf, the founder of the Thrive Group and Catalyft® Success System will offer a powerful 60 minute workshop on the Pinnacle Success System focusing on the Productivity piece, and specifically how you can Earn More, Work Less, and Enjoy your Journey along the way.

By investing your time in this workshop you will learn how to implement a usable, productivity-based method.
At this Workshop you will:
  • Learn how to immediately implement a powerful productivity process that will transform your business as well as your life.
  • Learn new ways to evaluate what you are doing and the clients you are attracting in your business that you can put to use when you leave this workshop.
  • Walk away with new understanding of your value and how to start the process to Earn More, Work Less, and Enjoy the Journey.
After the presentation there will be a Q & A to address your specific questions so you leave knowing the first steps to apply this to your business and your life.

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